Comic 7 - Left Behind

15th Dec 2017, 6:06 AM
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Left Behind
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MK_Wizard 15th Dec 2017, 10:23 AM edit delete reply
This comic has captured my heart. And I like how it informs about disabilities beyond the most popular ones, but perhaps need more attention. I like how you are also showing that people with disabilities are not really victims or heroes. Just people and that's a good thing. For instance, that comic where she was confused about the pills is something I could relate to heavily when I was being medicated after a foot operation. You know... they ought to teach English or Good Writing in medschool so that when doctors prescribe medicines, they prescriptions are clearer.
Raevir 23rd Dec 2017, 1:01 AM edit delete reply
Thanks for the kind words! The strips are loosely based on my sister's struggles with her disability. Since there's no simple cure, it's just something she has to live with.

I've had similar problems with prescription instructions trying to explain how to use it to both elderly and non-English speaking family members. Prescribing and instructing are definitely two separate fields.